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Welcome! We invite you to discover the pleasure of being nourished with real food: nutritious, delicious, vibrant and alive! Ingredients that are healthy, organic whenever possible, local: that nourish you whilst paying attention to your needs, as well as the well-being of our community and our planet.

Inspiration is the key to feeling alive ... may you inspire and become inspired with each and every mouthful!


We are committed to applying our passion and integrity to:

> helping people eat better and live longer;

> creating community;

> living sustainably;

> inspiring each other to pursue high positive standards: in life, in love, in foods and products;

> designing inclusive menus for any diet restriction;

> safeguarding the sources of ‘pure’ food on the planet (we say NO to GMO);

> bringing awareness to possible alternatives to the global economy and neo-liberal capitalist practices;

> rooting and sharing our values and vision:


We care deeply about our world and the people in it:

we make high quality products available to encourage

the best possible lives. We're always on the look out for

good suppliers and ingredients so that we can offer 

clean products, ethically and sustainably produced:

good for you and good for the planet.

That means items free from artificial preservatives,

synthetic pesticides, ripening agents, growth hormones,

irradiation, fumigants, fungicides or other additives.


We aim to provide the best foods the earth can offer

through our community: from local to galactic!

We want to work with people who cherish the earth

like we do and are crazy about fresh, local, pure food.

We recycle, reuse and minimize waste as much as possible, and act in ways that protect the resources of our planet.


We believe that to make the world a better place we must be our best selves.

We believe that to keep our vibration high we must feed ourselves with compassionate aliveness, grounding our choices in kind-hearted products. 

We are a team of crazy, passionate, committed individuals who each play a vital role in making MÓ a special place: its been a crazy ride so far and you're welcome to join!


Mó: Cutting Vedge since 2017!

Watch this space and keep up to date with what’s being cooked up at Mó!



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