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Our higher mission…

Rooted in the vision of a peaceful transition to a more coherent, sensible and sustainable world, we want to contribute to the positive evolution of society by offering a multicultural and multidisciplinary space, with charm and a story that inspires creativity as well as personal and social transformation.


What we believe in…

We believe that the most fundamental task we are faced with today is our reconnection with nature and with one another. We believe in discovering new ways of being with our own body, with the Earth and her most precious gift to us: food.

We believe that true revolution comes from within and that meaningful change depends on the evolution of each individual.


We believe life is to be celebrated and that we are creative beings by nature. It is through discovering ourselves and through letting our talents blossom that we can reach our highest potential.


We believe that any taste is enriched when you spice it up with a bit of good humour!



Who we are…

We are a collective made up of different interests and passions, united by a common past within sustainable and transformational event production. We love culture, art, music, dance, personal development and healthy, fresh food, and we see Moagem as a hub for culture and creativity: a place where you can feed your body, mind and soul; a meeting point for fresh, progressive ideas and inspirational projects.


The cultural programme at Moagem has been evolving constantly. We´ve had talks and workshops, cinema screenings, concerts, shows and performances, installations and exhibitions, yoga and music classes, activities for all ages and for the community, as well as gatherings, parties and DJ Sets, with the participation of local, national and international participants.

A massive THANK YOU to all of you visitors, friends, neighbours and supporters! 

The people…


It would not have been possible to raise this project without the vision, dedication and work of various people namely Diogo Ruivo (Co-founder & General Manager), Rita Belo (Co-founder and Creative Catalyst), Isabel Gonçalves (Co-founder and founding Chef of Mó Bistro) and so many other friends and collaborators who have supported us along the way in these almost 3 years of Moagem! Special thanks to the fantastic Wandergessellen, to Basti, Will, Serguei & Misha, Celso Borges, Chiara Baldini, Rita Bravo, Joakin and Marta Mariano, Manon Vin, Mauri Mendes, Marlene Azevedo, Carolina Furtado, Ana Devder, Joana Freixo, Thore, Raquel, Anabela, Rui Filipe, Pipo Ventura, Nadege Brand, João Breuer...and so many others who have passed through and left some magic behind! 

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